Yellow? Love It or Hate It?

Yellow Fashion Inspiration

Yellow is definitely not one of my favorite colors, but I think this article here by Vogue Italy sums it up nicely. When you think of yellow, do you think of nature but danger? What about about taxis? Buses? Traffic Light? I surely think of all of the above..But when it comes to fashion, it can actually be a beautiful color that I haven’t really explored myself..yet..

Yellow is definitely a controversial color, it’s loved but so many but also hated by so many. For me, although it does suit my skin color as I naturally have olive skin, it’s not a color I typically buy or wear.

What I’ve also noticed, is that it’s not a typical color that bloggers tend to blog about. So as you would know, I love blogging about things that other bloggers don’t typically blog about. It keeps me interested in bloggers and I think my readers (yes you reading this!) are interested in reading your ‘not so typical’ blog content.

Do you love it or do you hate it? Decide after you look at some of my favorite yellow fashion insp photos below 🙂 Now that I’ve seen some of these, I can see myself wearing some yellow tops such as the first one and a few others. Especially now that the weather is warming up a bit and we are heading into Spring, it might actually be the right time for me to experiment with this ‘natural’ color that yellow in fashion provides. What do you think?

Remember, stay blessed and as always, stay in vogue xx

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