Which Sunglasses Shape Flatters Your Face Best?

What Are The Best Sunglasses For You?

When it comes to buying sunglasses, selecting the perfect sunglasses style for your individual face and facial features can become a tricky affair. Not all sunglasses suit everyone and it’s important not just to select a style of sunglasses because it may be in fashion.

Welcome to my complete sunglasses guide. Today’s blog post you will learn about how to pick sunglasses for your face shape. It’s important to buy a pair of sunglasses that is fashionable yet suits your facial features and face in it’s entirety. If you haven’t still established what kind of sunglasses suit your face, you need a good guide like this one that I’ve developed to help you out and point you in the right direction. Next time you are picking out and admiring your snazzy looks in the mirror, take heed to my advice.

So without further adieu, The sunglasses girl is here to assist. That would be me!

I will let you in on how I decided which sunglasses have been good to me and my close circle of friends through years and years of being at the forefront of the ever-changing sunglasses fashion.

Sunglasses are indeed one of my favorite accessories and I believe a massive fashion errors that a lot of people do is actually pick out the wrong sunglasses for their face. So next time you put trial a pair of sunglasses adn something doesn’t look right – more often than not, it’s because they don’t suit the shape of your face.

The first thing that I did (and you should too!) is to learn to know the shape of your face. That’s the first step, remember! Find below the simplest ways to find your face shape which will lead you to your perfect pair of sunglasses to suit you!

Identifying The Shape of Your Face

I feel the best way to identify the shape of your face is by taking a photo directly facing the camera and then tracing it with a tracing paper to contour your countenance’s edge. If you don’t have a camera you could directly face the mirror and use an erasable pen to outline your face. When you are finished, check out the shape that the mirror has trailed. Use it to match it against the general entrenched facial norms which are basically:

  1. Square face
  2. Round face
  3. Oblong face
  4. Heart face
  5. Oval face

Once you have come up with your shape and size it is time to gear up to recognize your shades.

Which Shades Will Look Good on You?

So are we settled now on the shape of your face? These are the sunglasses that will help you crackle in style based upon your facial features:

Best Sunglasses for Square Shaped Face

Aviator sunglasses look superb on square faces. They are just made for it. The teardrop shaped lenses help you make your beautiful facial features more prominent. You come out with really strong vibes and a style unmatched. Do you have strong features on your face? Pack in a bigger aviator style and get second glances.

Throw in a boyfriend shirt or boyfriend jeans or a cool t-shirt with denim to see how it makes a difference.

Best Sunglasses for Oval Faces

Butterfly shaped sunglasses are good for round to oval faces or butterfly style sunglasses that aren’t your typical butterfly but similar to these as shown in the photo below. These oversized beauties are just about right to make your facial features prominent.

You know what the good news is? It will cover more of your face from the harmful rays of sun. The more the spread, the better health-wise. If you have been generously bestowed with a big nose (LOL), butterfly shades will take the attention away. However, make sure you do not end up buying too big butterfly sunglass style as if you have a small oval face, they can be too overpowering.

Best Sunglasses for Heart Shaped Face

Cat Eyes are just perfect if your face is heart-shaped. Such shapes have a broader forehead and high cheekbones. Does that ring a bell? Yes just like a cat. Nothing suits the heart contour better than cat eyes shades.

Best Sunglasses for Round Shaped Faces

Shades that are rectangular in shape are pretty great with round shaped faces. What the rectangle does is add a length to your countenance and make it appear bigger. So if you have a small petite round face, you can impart it a bigger flair with the help of these sunglasses. You can go for angular rectangle frames which are pretty great rectangle variants. Even oval faces can benefit with this. In the latter case, go for softer edges.

Best Sunglasses for Oblong Faces

Square Sunglass Shapes flatter your face if it’s an oblong shape. They are great with oval shapes too since they work their magic around the contrasting angles of the unique outlines.

Best Sunglasses for All Face Shapes

Wayfarer sunglasses look good on all kinds of faces. It is also a timeless shade that will be a great one-time investment.

Besides choosing the right shades for the type of face, you have to ensure that the sunglasses are UV protected, are made up of good lens and frame material and assist you into staying in vogue. Best of luck!

Remember, stay blessed and as always, stay in vogue xx

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