The No Makeup, Makeup Look

The-No-Makeup-Makeup-LookWhat is a No Makeup Makeover?

I am a big diehard fan of makeup. But sometimes I like to go into that minimalistic zone, where I like to give my insane addiction a rest. From the deepest alcoves of experimentation with my looks, I curdled out a makeover that speaks only of simplicity, and boys just love simplicity! Even though it is a feigned disguise, but it works. Who’s complaining?

It does sound like an odd oxymoron, doesn’t it? If you are coming across it for the first time it will. But let me tell you, things get better when you learn to embrace the beauty that you are born with. Always remember the skin that you have been so generously bestowed upon is no joke. Our creator wasn’t fooling around when he built us meticulously, paying attention to the tiniest details possible. Embrace it! Embrace you! That’s the first step towards the no-makeup makeup. That’s how you will start to appreciate what I am about to tell you. Then again no-makeup look isn’t without makeup either. So be prepared for pointers.

There are simple ways to ace it. I have been practicing it for so long that I can’t really mess it now. If you decide to take a ride down with me into the awesome-valley, just hop on. I will guide you how:

The Basics: How to Master the ‘No Make Up’ Look

The strategy is simple. It is all about perfecting your skin. If right products are handy, it will help you to enhance your skin tone and texture. These steps will spoon feed you into getting that neutral desired look.

Step 1

Prep up your skin with a moisturizer. It helps you to slip in makeup smoothly.

Step 2

Work on making your skin’s natural color prominent. You have to even out that complexion, and get rid of that redness to make one single color omnipresent on your countenance. A good liquid foundation is perfect for this job.

Step 3

Hide those blemishes. A good concealer and a concealer brush come in handy for such a job. However, I prefer using my hands since a brush often disturbs the concealer. Get rid of those dark areas underneath your eyes and go for a little dusting on the unwanted oily enclaves.

Step 4

For a healthy appearance you need to manifest a natural flush on your cheeks. Go for a rosy flush on the apples of your cheeks by making use of a cream blush. The reason I go for a cream variant is the fact that it holds on to your face all day. Powder blushes au contraire end up contorting your appearance with its gooey tinge.

Step 5

Once you are over with the above part, it is time to pay heed to them brows! Comb them and fill em up. Apply gel. Do not go heavy with the filling since we are tapping into that no make-up look. Nothing should look misplaced.

Step 6

A light neutral eye shadow should help you with your eyes. Let them look awake with a nice creasing to ooze out an eminent shadow.

Step 7

Curl lashes and go for the mascara kill. Let some gloss help bring the shine to your eyes.

Step 8

Finally, bring the spotlight to your lips. You would want to put in a moisturizing lip color to complement the color of your natural skin tone. Go for a shade that is a little brighter than your natural color. That’s how you step into the limelight yourself.

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