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Make Your Wedding Memorable

I still can’t get out of my wedding zone. The moment I think about it, it flings me into a time I don’t wish to come back from, my wedding day which I wished would last forever. Apart from the fact that it gave me a loving husband, it also gave me a day full of compliments about my wedding earrings that has made me euphoric till date.

The reason being is that I spent absolutely ages trying to find just the right pair of bridal earrings that suited me, my hairstyle, my makeup, the style and color of my wedding dress, my wedding ‘theme’ AND that fit my budget. Geez some can be quite cheaply made, whilst others cost a fortune!

I searched absolutely everywhere. Online and In-Store. I found alot. So much so, I couldn’t make a decision.

But the thing that concerned me the most that in-store, they over-charged. Really? Should one wedding day be a cause for the price of wedding earrings to sky-rocket? I think not, brides deserve a break, and that includes from our purses.

Keep Reading to View Most Irresistible Bridal Wedding Earrings

I looked like a gorgeous princess ready to board a carriage of my marriage, straight from a fairy tale, and that was all thanks to my bridal earrings. I couldn’t have loved my bridal earrings any more than I did as they just embellished my wedding gown so much more. I looked out of the world, and girls couldn’t stop asking me about where I got them. I was a star of the night and the angel I hoped to become.

If your weddings bells are high, and you are hoping to bedazzle the world yourself, check out these most beautiful bridal earrings that are the best picks worldwide for all brides to be.

Pearl Bridal Earrings

Add a petite pearl to your earring and suddenly you start to exhume a unique grandeur. Yes pearls are still in vogue, and everyone still swoons over them. Take it from a pro. Sizzle in these

Teardrop Pearl Earrings

If you want to be a knockout at your wedding, wear these pearl wedding earrings (Click Here for Best Price). Bling brings to you the bling it promises. Shaped like teardrops it dons rhodium plated brass that is simply enchanting to look at. The CZ chandelier drops will complement your white dress perfectly. Glow like a star in these beauties.


Image2Completely blended in white the Cubic-Zirconia stones walk in with pizzazz unmatched. It cashes in on its luster that will shine along with you at your big day.

Pearl-Bridal-Earrings-NewComplete the Set With:


Pearl and Crystal Drop Earrings

Another great alternative, the brand, 1928 Jewelry walks in with the most alluring kind of pearl styled earrings (Click Here for Best Price). With pearls dangling at the end of the drops, this is what you really want for your wedding day. It is classy in its appearance with a beautiful design at the top that has crystals engraved in it. These are lightweight and boy do they sparkle! These are big enough and certainly can’t go unnoticed. The tint is inclined more towards ivory, so these are going to pretty prominent and glossy. Also available in 7 different colors!


Image2These are big enough and certainly can’t go unnoticed. The tint is inclined more towards ivory, so these are going to pretty prominent and glossy. Perfect for your wedding day as a beautiful bride. Also available in 7 different colors!

Pearl-Bride-Earrings-For-BrideComplete the Set With:


Chandelier Earrings

If you are a fan of the chandelier style of earrings, I recommend the following for you.

Silver Chandelier Crystal Earrings

Ever Faith brings to you these dazzling silver chandelier bridal earrings (Click Here for Best Price) that skim the surface of a flower design. They are beautifully made paying utmost attention to minute details. You know girls are going to pay heed at its immaculate artisanship! You can flaunt it at your disposal. Crystals on the Bridal chandelier earrings are the real deal. What is awesome is the fact that you get spare crystals when you order it, so the beauty affair never ceases.  Available in 2 different colors.


Image2They are long just the way you want them to be, hand hang midway down your neck. These crystal chandelier earrings are light and promise to beautify your killing looks.

Bridal-chandelier-earrings-NewComplete the Set With:


Vintage Chandelier Earrings

Avail of the alluring Victorian panache by going for these splendid silver chandelier earrings (Click Here for Best Price). Encrusted with the trust of Cubic Zirconia in the bottom of the chandelier, it milks its looks with its sheer elegance.



The artistic design that runs on it is a delight to watch. People who have a wont of paying attention won’t be disappointed. The oversized pearl packs in a magnificent charm that will help you look stunning.

silver-chandelier-earrings-newsilver-chandelier-earrings-for-weddingComplete the Set With:


Vintage Bridal Earrings

Vintage Dangle Earrings

Fan of the historic era? Go for these. Go back in time with these impressive vintage pearl earrings (Click Here for Best Price). Dangling in mystique charisma are faux pearls that give an overall magnificent look to the person wearing them – you! A clever design that features metal casting to keep things together and clear crystal rhinestones to give it a charm have been provided for emphasis. Get these and be prepared to bask in the glory of accolades.



Vintage Wedding Earrings

Fan of the long ones that go hanging down your neck? Well then go for this arresting piece of vintage wedding earrings (Click Here for Best Price) that will make you the star of the day. These are more than 2 inches long and they will dance along with your head as you attend to the wedding chores.


Image2To complement your wedding dress, you get pearls here too that are more whitish than ivory. That means perfect for your white attire! The top that goes into your ears are made up of riveting zirconia that catches attention at once. These vintage wedding earrings are so shiny that people are going to take it for diamonds. Wouldn’t you want that?

Vintage-Bridal-Earrings-NewComplete the Set With:



Tear Drop Bridal Earrings

Cubic Zirconia Teardrop Earrings

First thing that you are going to notice is its extraordinary finishing. Austrian crystals adorn these teardrop earrings (Click Here for Best Price) and give them a beautiful vivacity. The metal that keeps the whole setup together is highly polished to emanate a shiny look and feel. Be the elegant queen you wish to be, with the fascinating EleQueen wedding earrings. Available in 4 different colors



Teardrop styled earrings walk hand in hand with the contemporary. They are chic and one of the most sought after earrings of all times.

Cubic-Zirconia-Teardrop-NewComplete the Set With:


Crystal Teardrop Earrings

Another great teardrop variant (Click Here for Best Price) to have is a product by FC. Enthralling to look at, these crystal bridal earrings will make your day. With an artistic pattern to keep the CZ drops together, these earrings will silently ensure that you keep looking fabulous throughout the day. Available in 7 different colors




With a metal finishing that blends with the gleam of the earrings, the round shaped stones at the bottom beautify the overall structure. They are not heavy and they will stick to your ears. Also, they are just about the perfect size you need to look elegant!

Complete the Set With:


Stud Bridal Earrings

If you are totally down for studs, these exquisite earrings will melt your heart

Cubic Zirconia Stud Earrings

These stud earrings (Click Here for Best Price) will adhere to your ears without slacking. A crystal made up of CZ that resembles diamond closely is used in the making of this stud. Stones used are in four-prong settings that make it one of a kind. Available in 3 different colors


Image2The posts of the earrings have a frictional back to ensure that they do not slip and make matters worse for you. It milks its composition of mined gemstones to come out as an absolute stunner. Don these and stun everybody with your phenomenal looks.

Cubic-Zirconia-Stud-Earrings-For-BrideComplete the Set With:


Heart Stud Earrings

Are you a “heart on your sleeve” kind of person? Would you like to wear heart on your ears as well? Yes, these heart stud earrings (Click Here for Best Price) ensure you do. With a beautifully carved design that is shaped as a heart, you can literally tell people that love is not only in the air but also in your head. Tell your hubby how much love means to you by flaunting these beauties. Insinuate people that you are all about heart-melting love. These adorable earrings have floating halos that keep the CZ well placed and prominent for people to see clearly. With its unique shape, there’s no doubt people will badger you with questions about its whereabouts.



Gold Bridal Earrings

I have always been down for gold. No matter what, even if there is an itsy-bitsy chance of including it in my jewelry, I take it. You are gonna love my personal favorites:

Gold Teardrop Bridal Earrings

Heirloom Finds finds you the best earrings in the gold category. Geared up with the right amount of gold to bring the good old glimmer home, believe me, these gold teardrop earrings (Click Here for Best Price) are the earrings you want for your wedding if you want to go gold. I generally like the gold jewelry that has a tinge of gold in it and is not fully overwhelming or the extravagant kind. This is just the kind I would invest in. A tinge of it to complement the inner crystal that makes it classier! Also, what is great is that it is the dangling kind. Have a great time flaunting them.



Pearl Gold Spherical Bridal Earrings

The fact that gold looks marvelous on white makes it just flawless for weddings. Another great variant when it comes to groping in the gold department is the cutest little things ever. Spherical drops (Click Here for Best Price) that will make you want to buy them at once. These have pearls inlaid that keep the gold appearance to the minimal, just the right amount actually, the way I like it. It will complement beautifully the white you will be wearing on your wedding. Available in 2 different colors



Image2What is endearing is its post that has a unique style. It will ensure that it wouldn’t fall off, and will stay with you even when you are dancing. Has the right mixture of alloy and pearl to give you the most lovable product ever.

Gold-Spherical-Bridal-Earrings-New2Gold-Spherical-Bridal-Earrings-NewComplete the Set With:



Colored Bridal Earrings

CZ as it is popular as, is something which is prevalent in today’s modish jewelry scene. The fact that it is cheaper and looks the same as diamond makes it every woman’s first choice. I have handpicked some graceful earrings that are crafted in CZ for you, these colored bridal earrings (Click Here for Best Price).



If you wish to throw some colors in there whilst looking spectacular in an ivory shade, this is the stud earring you should go for. Its appealing flower design will make sure your face blooms like one. There are striking crystals that make the flower like appearance even more pleasing. Colors like red, green and purple complement the ivory you wish to drape yourself in and give you an overall appealing look. Metal carries a rich look and the stones promise vibrancy and elegance. Will help you to stand out from the crowd.


Complete The Set With:


Clip-on Bridal Earrings

If you are tired of post-style earrings, go for this clip-on ones (Click Here for Best Price). With an easy to rivet mechanism you will get to business in no time. So even if you have unpierced ears, these will ensure you have no trouble wearing them. These Mariell earrings are genuine silver rhodium plated that are ceremonial by its sheer looks. Also, the Cubic Zirconia entailed here is of the highest quality stones.


These bride earrings will twinkle when it will hit the light, and draw attention towards it. They are also very comfortable to wear. Even hours of wearing them wouldn’t make spots or circles where the clips are put. Half of the time you wouldn’t even realize they are there. So light they are!


So, what are you waiting for?

I’d love to hear from all soon to be brides! What type of bridal earrings are you thinking of? If I helped you in picking the perfect pair of wedding earrings, I’d love to hear from you. Please leave a comment below and I’d love to see how beautiful you look with your bridal earrings!

Let me know your thoughts below! Stella xx

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