My New Obsession with e.l.f Makeup Brushes


Getting ready is no doubt my favorite part of the day. Give me a mirror and the narcissist in me goes wild. But what makes my face revamping experience a real hoot? Brushes! Yes, them brushes! They literally help me to blend into that perfect desirable look that I am always looking for. They aid me into putting on a model like countenance that guarantees me a second glance.

My personal favorite, the victor always remains, hands down, Elf Makeup Brushes. Why? They are cheap makeup brushes that are actually really good (which is quite rare to find these days)! They work with all wet and dry products. They have the perfect grip and are super fun to work with. This brand understands me in a way the world doesn’t. True story!


Why I love Elf Brushes and most girls that try them do too!

All brushes are anti bacterial

Are synthetic hair (taklon bruses)

All can be used with wet or dry products

Creates a flawless look

These are the best e.l.f Makeup Brushes that make a model out of you!

E.L.F Makeup Brushes

Foundation Brush

Applying foundation is an exercise in futility if you don’t have a good foundation brush to layer it well. I love this one from Elf as it lets me cover wider regions with carefree ease. There are plenty of haired taklon bristles to work with here.


Angled Foundation Brush

This makes applying foundation even more exhilarating with its angled finish. The unique shaping of the bristles makes it easier to reach all trenches on your face.



Stipple Brush

Want to put some color to your cheekbones? A stipple styled brush will come in handy. Use this superlative Elf stipple to put a proper layer on your coverage.


Blush Brush

Looking for that rosy flush on your face? The splendid blush brush by Elf cosmetics complies for a proper grip allowing you to work on your pinky cheek prominence.


Concealer Brush

You need this concealer brush to hide your imperfections. This covers the affected area properly without leaving any trace. I run for it whenever a zit shows up, thanks Elf!

Flawless Concealer Brush

This is better bristled than the above mentioned brush. If there are areas that need special attention when it comes to coverage, this flawless concealer brush hides your problems in a jiffy.


Complexion Brush

Who else fathoms your complexion needs better than you? The answer is this complexion brush right here that lets you pack in an endearing flawless appearance. Feel your enchanting texture brim up with life by using this exquisite brush.


Contouring Brush

There is nothing better in this world that softens those hairlines better than a contouring brush. This brush contours your cheek bones like a pro. It has really smooth bristles that work like magic on your face.


Kabuki Brush

Need badass natural looking coverage? Who else to call but Elf to the rescue? This right here is a retractable form that plays super softly on your skin. It has the touch of modernism.

Angled Brush

When you are planning to make things better for your cheekbones, an angled blush brush listens. If you wish to make your natural outlines of cheekbones more prominent you can use a little powder with a dark shade and brush it with an angled brush to sport the ultimate look.


Angled Eyeliner Brush

Make your lashes angelic in appearance by lining it just right with a cream, gel liner or shadow. Be the enchantress you were forever aiming for. It has those proper angles to fill up your lashes unperturbed by regular bristle issues.



Flat Eyeliner Brush

Alternatively you could go for a flat variation if you are aiming for precision lines. The blunt cut tries to throw in some powerful color-intensity which exhumes a consummate elegance.

Creates precision lines for instant definition

The straight blunt cut provides full-color intensity for smooth and even consistency

Use with powder, liquid or cream products for a flawless lined eye



Precision Brush

If you wish to make the most of proper coverage you can invest in this precision brush. Grab a flawless seamless finish with the assistance of this accurate cover. It is compact enough for you to take it in your purse.

Creates even and full coverage.

  Applies and blends concealer smoothly and evenly to eyes, face, and blemishes.

Use with any cream products, including concealer, foundation, primer, eye cream, or cream shadow.



Mineral Powder Brush

Applying powder becomes amplified with the fluffiness of this unusually bristled powder brush. This diffuses loose powder evenly all across your face where needed.


Smudge Brush

Go smokin’! Master those renowned smoky eyes with the right play of smudginess with the rad smudge brush by Elf. Go sultry with your orbs and let the men swoon over your beauty.

Small Stipple Brush

When you need a smaller brush to keep you company when you are travelling, this brilliant stipple brush will walk in to give you an airbrushed appearance. It makes your face an easel that you can brim up with your enthralling art.

Eyeshadow Brush

Remove that dark baggy silhouettes that often come lingering your way after every naptime. This eyeshadow brush is just outright impeccable if you are planning to flaunt smoky eyes. Great for applying powder and cream shadows as well.

Small Smudge Brush

Want a cheaper and easier to carry version of the above? Go for this small wonder. It slides into your purse without hogging much space. Go for intense pigment makeover and smudge it just right softening the eyeliner to ace sensual eyes.

Lip Brush

This is the retractable kind with tapered bristles that easily scale your lips. You can use this to master a controlled way of covering your lips. You can line the outer rims or fill in fine lines around without any hassle.

Elf Studio Line of Brushes

Studio Collection Set

The Studio collection by Elf is the best. I love this line of brushes since they are slimmer, sleeker and have longer better handles that provide you maximum ease whilst you primp and preen yourself. Here is an 11 piece brush collection that has got all important stuff covered. I have one of these at home. They serve me well! It also comes with a case to keep them all in one place.

Multitude of brushes for anything that you need

Comes with a sleek case that holds all 11 brushes

Carry all of these brushes without taking up a lot of space



Blending Brush

If you wish to sizzle in the most perfect eyeshadow ever, go for this superb blending elf brush. It works pretty swell on the lid and crease as it blends color gorgeously to give you the right tinge. You can also use this as a concealer.

Studio Blending Brush and Lip Liner

A 2 in 1 variant that serves you both aforesaid purposes. When it comes to applying color its precision holds the fort unparalleled. Use the blending brush on its opposite end to even out every layer for a thrilling look.

Studio Power Brush

With plenty bristles to hold the powder together, this is a brilliantly manufactured brush that spreads out to apply stuff without splaying. Wipe off extra powder from your face with a simple stroke. Fill up empty spaces with more powder easily. This tends to your facial powder needs.


Studio Eyeshadow C Brush

It works pretty well when you have cream shadows to devour. Well shaped bristles to fill life into the dead shades.

Studio Kabuki Face Brush

I prefer going for the Studio version of the Elf Kabuki to the Essential line since it is more voluminous in the bristle department. It covers up huge areas in a single sway which makes for a quick wrapping up. It looks cooler too.

Studio Small Angled Brush

It is really magnificent for contouring. I love the angular carving that lets me reach all the areas nicely.

Makeup Brush Essentials

Whilst working with the aforementioned products, if you don’t have the following essentials to seal things off, you are not properly taking care of your makeup materials. I have made you a list.


Makeup Mist and Set

To keep you glowing all day you need this spray. It helps you keep your makeup in place.

Makeup brush cleaner

You also need a brush cleaner solution to keep bristles healthy and voluminous by subjecting them to vigorous thorough cleaning.

Elf Studio Tone Correcting Powder

To help you even out skin tone, this correcting powder is an absolute must-have.

Elf Studio Makeup Remover Pen

To wipe those makeup smudges off your face, or remove only smears or mistakes, this pen works great without forcing you to remove full makeup.

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  1. Jamie
    October 4, 2016 at 8:22 am (4 years ago)


  2. In Need of a Pedicure
    October 4, 2016 at 9:17 am (4 years ago)

    I agree with Jamie. After I read your blog post, I purchased a few of these elf brushes myself (plus, with your links, I got them even cheaper so thank you!) Stella, I’ve been following you for a while now. You always provide awesome stuff to read about and I love everything about your blog. Keep up the good work and thanks for inputting your heart and soul into your blog.

  3. KatyK85
    October 6, 2016 at 9:35 am (4 years ago)

    Meee too!!! Woohoo for the saving $$ 🙂

  4. Stephanie
    October 19, 2016 at 8:22 am (4 years ago)

    They are my new obsession too. I’ve just bought like 6 brushes in one go, so addictive! I love them all and want them all!

  5. Josephine M
    November 14, 2016 at 6:09 am (4 years ago)

    Just purchased about 8 of the above brushes, can’t wait for them to arrive. I’ve heard such good things about them, especially for the price of them xx

  6. Shirley16
    February 7, 2017 at 2:40 pm (4 years ago)



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