How to Make Your Old Denim Jeans Look Fashionable Again!

How to Make Your Old Denim Jeans Look Stylish Again

Do you get bored of following a certain way sometimes? A certain fashion trend? Do you want to spice things up, forcing a ripple to hit your stagnant looking wardrobe? Well I certainly do. That’s why I keep bringing about change in my life at every inert juncture. So naturally when a pair of denims sulked in the corner of my wardrobe, I decided to put life back in them. Yes! I wanted to repurpose my old denim jeans to make them look, new, modern, stylish and fashionable.

Did you even think it was possible? Have you got into the habit of throwing out your old jeans or gifting them to a friend? Well, after reading my blog post today, you will probably decide to keep every single pair of denim jeans in your wardrobe and bring life and style back into them!

I revived my bleak looking denims into an eye-popping fashion statement. A fashion statement that not many other women my age are wearing. Geez it felt so empowering heading out wearing a pair of denim jeans that absolutely no one else was wearing – now that is what I called fashion!

Here I am going to teach you how to revive your denims and convert them into a much more wondrous desirable wardrobe alternative! So go get a pair of scissors and get styling. We are going to some serious DIY to create denim and fashion ensembles. Let’s get started.

DIY Cropped Flare Denim Jeans

This is very easy to do and can be experimented with flared jeans. All you have to do is slash off the bottoms right above the ankles. Of course, it would need stitching at the bottom. That’s it! The end result will let you flaunt your shoes. The flare is one of the latest designs which is still very fresh and upbeat.  There are few important rules to wearing a cropped flare. Make sure they are above the ankle length. Go for frayed hem. Block-heeled shoes always go well with them. Tuck in your shirt to flaunt your figure. Mules work exceptionally well with cropped flare denims.

Distressing Denim Jeans Yourself

This is one of the most popular methods to impart a unique shade or shape to your denim! This can always be resorted to when you are tired of wearing your same old denims and wish to bring about a twist in your closet. Whilst trying this I recommend you pre-decide which areas you would like to target. Make sure you are using sandpaper to get that worn out look. Use a scale and scissors to cut out measured proper slits. Remove the indigo threads with tweezers and you are done.


Taking out simplicity from those old ragged denim jackets, you can punch in some cool patchwork of your favorite artists or band. You could also go for a statement you wish to make to the world by sticking it at the rear. Alternatively go for symbols and signs to make a statement yourself. Trust me! It looks super cool if you choose just the right picture patches. You could also go really innovative at it. Choose a combination of plain darker and lighter hues of patches to slap on and see how brilliantly it emphasizes your denims. The latter is a perfect method to make your denim jeans prominent in your attire as well.

Folded Up Denim Jeans

One of the simplest ways to squeeze style out of your dull denim jeans is to try this simple DIY denim jean look. Turn it up! Easy-peasy! It doesn’t require any skill as well. Remember there is no rule whatsoever to tell you how much turn-up is the standard turn-up. Just roll them up and see for yourself how it looks.And don’t worry what your Mom tells you about the inside of your jeans not looking good. They are now in ‘fashion’. The insides of the jeans help to bring out a different upbeat tinge to your legs. If you aren’t doing this already in order to mix up your look and show of those stylish pair of heels you most recently bought, then I suggest you do.

Belted Jackets

Old denims can be brought back to life by using a darker color shade denim belts around your waist. They bring a nice feel to your attire. You can complement the color of the belt with the trousers you wear to embellish its beauty further.

The Midi Affair

If you have a fully-fledged denim skirt or a maxi with you, you could turn it into a midi skirt. It is still very much in vogue. A pleated skirt will turn into a great midi. You could also go for distressing options at the back pockets to stop people from identifying it. Tell them you have bought it!

Frills in Fashion

Sport the good ol’ frills on your forgotten jeans! It is fairly simple to achieve with a pair of scissors. Make sure you stitch the part from where the frills begin so that it doesn’t come off whilst wearing it.

And…Voila..there you have it, it’s now to revamp your old denims at once!

Remember, stay blessed and as always, stay in vogue xx

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