Capsule Wardrobe Essentials: What & How?


Capsule Wardrobe, The Epitome of Minimalist Fashion

When it comes to fashion I am always on my toes. Nothing passes me by without me noticing it. I have to try everything to see if my body accepts the valid change. But sometimes it becomes unsettling when you have to throw in huge bucks to stay on top of the continuous change, sometimes it becomes disconcerting to chase the tail of fleeting fashion modernism. Fashion keeps chugging its wheels at an unstoppable pace, this is when I feel the sudden urge to drape my body in some timeless clothes, and sizzle in it for days without having to buy anything else. It lets me save a lot, get only the best and stay forever in vogue. It gradually lightens your pocket. I surround myself in an outfit that is always going to be nodded at even when I run into a future me. Yes, the eternal garb I call them! Capsule Wardrobe is a concept that is loosely based on that very idea.

What is a Capsule Wardrobe?

If you are fairly new to the concept I have already brushed you enough to make you comprehend that it will be a personal mini wardrobe that you are totally in love with, that you cannot part with and that looks good no matter when you wear it. The biggest advantage of sealing your style in a capsule is to save money. So you can sputter in those old time favorites without having to own excessive regalia.Just look at it as a staple ingredient to carry on just fine even when you are running low on dope.


You know what is the best thing about this kind of wardrobe? There is everything in it that you love wearing. Everything is your favorite!

When you are trying to create a capsule collection of your own, these are the crucial things that you need to remember.minimalist-capsule-fashion

  1. Picking the right color scheme: You need to choose yourself a collection of base colors that go with everything. For example, black, which is my dearest tinge, is a color that will forever remain in vogue. I mix it up with white and grey to come up with enthralling combinations. Amongst other base colors are brown, navy, white and grey that are here to stay. These base colors accentuate trousers, handbags and coats more.
  2. Choose the accent color: Once you have settled on a base color you need to scavenge a brighter shade to complement the former. Tops and accessories should constitute these. So if black goes on trousers, throw in a contrasting white top or a red one. A pink or brown colored purse would bring out the colors out in the open making your appearance less bleak.
  3. Pay heed to your body shape: I know that a dress is a keeper if it flatters my body.If there is something that is body flattering I tick the capsule checkbox right then and there. You should see if the dress you choose to wear coordinates well with your hot body.
  4. Complexion specific: Clothes blend in beautifully with your skin tone as well. So choose a shade that is going to look good owing to the hue it packs in. A simple example: Dark colors don’t look good on a dark complexion. Pick a lighter one and vice versa.
  5. Classic patterns: Go for patterns that are ageless. Something that will still be revered in years to come. For example, stripes and circles, never go out of fashion.
  6. High quality clothes: Since you are aiming for longevity, fabrics that are shoddy are going to fall off midway. Aim for higher quality materials. You could go for cotton or linen which creates incredible attire.They are very durable and will run for the pre-decided period.

Make Your Own

capsule-wardrobe-itemsNow that you know what it is, it is time to learn how to create your own personal capsule collection. Start with a particular seasonal collection like a winter capsule wardrobe or a fall capsule wardrobe.Aim to run one for a quarter. That’s how you can milk it more.So that way you will end up with 4 capsules per year.

What You Need

You have to first decide what attire you like to put on going out. I can’t really go without a purse. So check tote bag and clutch bag both! Also, summer time sadness calls for shades. Choose some Aviators or whatever suits your face the best. Wrap a scarf around to complete the look. Shoes are a must. Revive sandals and slippers as well. Throw in some denims in there that will never date. A trench coat and a sweater to cover you up in the deficient sun, a blazer to beam you up and a pencil skirt for the stylish you.

Capsule Wardrobe Essentials

This is how mine looks like:

White sundress

Black purse

Black trench coat

Long sleeve Ivory mini dress

Knee length gray dress


White Capri Jeggings






Along with the aforementioned categories I also pack in some wrap shirts, sweatshirts, flip flops, bracelets, sequined skirt, pullover sweater, short sleeve button down, stripe shirt, flats, purple heels and open cardigan.

This constitutes my capsule. You can drive inspiration from this and create your own capsule by appending elements that are going to stay modish forever.

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