Best Makeup Vanity & Dressing Tables You Need In Your Life


I just love primping and preening myself in front of a vanity table. To say that it is my favorite time of the day would be an understatement. I love every bit about it. Remember, it is a job of a good vanity table to ensure that every chore related to your makeup ends up providing a satiating experience. Mine sure is fulfilling and so your makeup and preening up session should be too!

Choosing the Right One

As I had browsed through thousands of vanity table designs before buying the perfect one for me, I believe I have secretly become an expert in recognizing the best dressing table for different styles and needs.

Just ask my friends, I have assisted them with their selections and they are just loving each one of them! So, show me one and I will tell you whether it is good enough to make you looks so ‘dam’ fine, girl!

Best Makeup Vanity Tables & Dressing Tables

Donning the hat of a décor expert, I recommend the following exquisite dressing tables available today that flaunt their fine artisanship and are absolutely delightful to have in your house.

Brand Type Colors Avail. Love or Loathe? Why Where to Buy?
Bobkona Best Seller 4 Read Below Available Here
Frenchi Small & Modern 2 Read Below Available Here
Mirage Mirrored Read Below Available Here
Crown Antique 2 Read Below Available Here
Coaster Glass Read Below Available Here
TMS Corner 4 Read Below Available Here
Coaster With Lights Read Below Available Here
Roundhill French Style 2 Read Below Avialable Here
Furniture Cove Oak Read Below Available Here
Linon Butterfly 2 Read Below Avialable Here

Best Seller / Most Sold White Vanity Table Ever!

With a charm that is hard to resist, Bobkona (Click Here for Best Price) brings you an enchanting vanity set that will let you fall in love with yourself again. It isn’t confined to a table alone, but comes included with a stool as well. You get a mirror that is just about right to give you a perfect reflection as it extends on each side to reveal two more dainty fold-able mirrors. The stool is tall enough for you to comfortably sit on and get on with your makeup ‘slog’. Also, the height is just right making everything on the table within your reach.

White-Vanity-Table This vanity set retains five spacious drawers that will gobble your valuable items and yet will have a stomach for more. You can place your curling iron in the bigger drawer with ample space to accommodate even a hairdryer. Although the white one above is the most popular, it also comes in Black, Cherry and Walnut as seen below.

Bobkona-Vanity-Table-ColorsOther decorative items can be placed on the top of the table as well, if you wish to exhume a neat and clean look and feel. Any of the small drawers can be used to keep your lipsticks, hair products and creams.

With so many drawers to let you store makeup items, and a countenance that is ravishing to stare at, there is no doubt it enjoys an exalted place as the #1 selling vanity table. A perfect dressing table to keep the narcissist alive and kicking in you!

Small & Modern

If you aren’t a fan of the extravagant, Frenchi (Click Here for Best Price) furniture brings to you an exquisite piece, a modern vanity set that is simple and sexy. Simple. Elegant. Divine. The espresso finish simply meets perfection. You will swoon over its elegance. The way the legs of the desk and the stool taper gently towards the end, give it a modish appearance. You get one colossal drawer to keep your all your makeup products in. So keeping all the essentials at one place is practical and just, makes sense.

Small-Vanity-Table-2You can use the table top to place other crucial and big makeup items like a hair dryer and curling iron. It is great if you have limited space to offer in your bedroom. It has a swiveling mirror that imparts you a multi-angle look at yourself.

In addition to the above, another brand by Crown Mark (Click Here for Best Price) offers you the same style (literally the white one is a splitting image of the above) but for those of you who love marble, this is the only one with a marble table top! It’s an affordable beauty that will literally change the way you have been looking at yourself in vain.

Marble-Vanity-TableIt comes with a stool with a beige seat and has fabric so plush. It is really comfortable to sit on. Spend hours of some quality vanity time without getting a sore back. The stool also fits in perfectly underneath the table so you can have more space to linger around when not using it. It has a large adjustable mirror that you can bank on whenever you are hurrying away to a party. My good friend Darla has this vanity set in her bedroom. It sits up comfortably in a corner and doesn’t occupy much space.

I have experienced how impressive grooming becomes on numerous occasions. Her drawer is big enough to hold an entire makeup kit and by that I mean everything minus the curling iron, dryer and hairsprays which she prefers keeping atop.

Mirrored Vanity

If you wish to plunge into the world of mirrored vanity table (like me), Mirage (Click Here for Best Price) comes with the most alluring dressing table ever! I have this one and I absolutely love it! It sports a mirrored finishing that lets you get a full picture of yourself whilst you tidy up for parties. It’s simply a beautiful set that fulfills every chore of a vanity!

Image2Or alternatively, you can go for this nightstand set (Click Here for Best Price) and see the ambience reflect against the mirrored surface! Watch out for the way it beams during night hours amidst a world of reflections. Two colossal drawers let you take care of your grooming items where you can store your foundation, mascara, lipsticks, creams, brushes, curling iron, hairsprays and clips.

Mirrored-Vanity-2Image2Imitate the Hollywood glam at your place and make everything shiny. Accessories it up with a mirror (this is the mirror I bought) and a chair (this is the chair I bought) and have a complete reflector set that will let you have an outstanding overall makeup experience.

Mirrored-Vanity-Makeup-AccessoriesChair: Buy Now  ♥  Organizer: Buy Now  ♥   Mirror: Buy Now  ♥  Brush Containers: Buy Now

Antique Vanity Table

If you wish to bring home some traditional vibes, this is the right vanity furniture by Crown Mark (Click Here for Best Price) to invest in. A dark cherry brown shade that melts your heart the moment you encounter the antique vanity product, you couldn’t simply resist it. Solid wood and laminated fiberboard constitute the makeup vanity set which is the sleekest thing you would ever find in the vanity décor.

Antique-Vanity-NewImage2Alternatively, you can go for this slightly modern but antique looking, super impressive Bobkona one (Click Here for Best Price). With the style it endeavors to brag with an extended mirror that swivels on two attachments that impart it an endearing look and feel. The knobs of the drawers looks completely bewitching as they complement the color of the vanity desk. Featuring cabriole legs, the popular design that has been taking the furnishing world by a storm ever since primordial eras.Antique-Vanity-from-BobkonaImage2

Glass Vanity Table

Wear your heart out buying this fine Coaster (Click Here for Best Price) vanity set that comes with a mirror and stool. What makes it different from the rest is the fact that it has a clear glass top that packs in its splendor. Metal vanities brace the skeleton, which are subtle but provide immaculate strength to the overall structure.

Glass-Vanity-TableImage2Dark metal finish not only embellishes the beauty of the glass dressing table (Click Here for Best Price) but also provides the muscle to it. Question of drawers go out the window as it incorporates a glass shelf right underneath the tabletop that has plenty of space to amass your daily makeup needs. A design like that is quite common nowadays as such cool makeup organizers let you keep everything in discipline. You have everything where you want them without the overhead of opening and closing a drawer.

Glass-Metal-VanityImage2Alternatively, you can go for this combination of nickel bronze and glass one (Click Here for Best Price). It comes with a fabric stool that has a back on it. It imparts luxury with a perfect blend of elegance. Go for this glass vanity table and stool if you think iron is a better option than wood.


Corner Vanity Table

TMS (Click Here for Best Price) comes with a dressing table that can be placed in the any of your desirable corners of your bedroom. I saw this dressing table recently in a movie and it caught my attention straight away!

Corner-Dressing-Table-NewImage2It is a small vanity table with a drawer to put in your makeup valuables. A very cheap variant but has plenty of talk when it comes to quality antique finishing. The brand brags in providing solid wood strength and exquisite lacquer finishing that each purchaser has a great time getting their makeup on. This corner dressing table needs just a mirror (view here) and stool (see below) and you are good to go.

Wood-Vanity-AccessoriesChair: Buy Now  ♥  Organizer: Buy Now  ♥  Mirror: Buy Now

Vanity Table With Lights

As contemporary as it gets! Coaster Home (Click Here for Best Price) walks in with a magnificent chic modern dressing table and stool that will put you in the frontline of amazing! You can experience a fully-fledged makeup vanity with lights and see the difference it brings into the picture. Avail of storage galore as there are hidden storage spaces everywhere. The big badass mirror has a hidden storage which opens like a book.

Modern-White-VanityImage2There is one shelf to keep your personal care stuff in it as well. You also have hooks that allow you to hang other beautification items. Even the stool opens up like a lid to reveal plenty of space underneath. Get your makeup stuff organized in a large drawer that features compartments to keep things segregated. Avoid the clutter!


French Style Dressing Table

A perfect white dressing table if you have been smitten by the white fandom when it comes to addressing your house’s décor. An absolute winner as it covers up all that you need for your bedroom vanity (Click Here for Best Price). It has stylishly carved legs that drive home the sturdiness quotient apart from brimming up the aesthetics. If you have been struggling with storage space issues in the past, this white vanity will take care of it as it features five drawers placed thoughtfully where you need it most. You can find two of them at the top of the table where you find the simple yet elegant oval mirror, aswell as an additional three drawars underneath.


Oak Dressing Table

If you are a fan of the good old oak, this is the bedroom vanity set (Click Here for Best Price) you should go for. With a promise of strength and chic mannerism provided by its oak wood, it is a charming piece of furniture to keep. It cashes in on its Queen Anne appearance that goes on to show a regal demeanor. Solid hardwood legs impart a brilliant foundation that will let you carry on with your daily chores without any hindrance. The mirrored dressing table is so brawny that it can easily withstand up to 250 pounds of weight. A patterned stool fabric that accentuates its beauty even further. The entire setup gets assembled in a jiffy!


Butterfly Bench Vanity Table

Capturing a wonderful design that mimics a butterfly in appearance, Linon (Click Here for Best Price) provides us with a black (and white) dressing table that is an epitome of innovation. With an intelligent design that hides a safety stay hinge to reveal its mirror, it tries to achieve a complete modern vanity table.

Butterfly-Bench-WhiteImage2So, say if you don’t want to use it for narcissistic purposes you can put the mirror down by simply slackening the hinge that makes it upright. When it goes down it merges with the rest of the side limbs to give a complete table like look. Use it as a table then to keep your decorative items on top of it. As simple as that!

Butterfly-Bench-BlackImage2So it is a two in one mirror vanity table in fact. You get a padded plush upholstered stool that will let you gawk at yourself in the mirror, and two drawers underneath both limbs to store stuff. Also, the whole black vanity set is very light, and moving it whenever need be won’t be a problem!

Vanity Stools & Chairs

In case you already have a fine vanity desk and are planning to get a stool that will let you get down straight to business, I have handpicked some of the finest ones that are easily available online. You can also go for these if you have renovation plans in mind and are planning to get rid of your old benches. Have a look-see:

1. Vanity Stool

Make way for this gorgeous dressing table stool (Click Here for Best Price) that will let you relax as you carry on with your busy makeup routine. Since, it has a backrest to support you, long tiring beautification affairs wouldn’t be a problem. A Celtic inspired design that beautifies it further, this stool literally personifies grandeur. A grey metallic finish sizzles the body of this makeup stool which goes further up a notch owing to its knotted motif style.

2. Swivel Chair

Giving precedence to comfort is the simple yet extraordinary Elegant Home Fashions white vanity stool (Click Here for Best Price) which is basically a swivel chair that goes around 360 degrees. Taking the trendy design in the vanguard, this stool will let you primp and preen yourself whilst having a chat with your hubby/boyfriend or friend as you can swivel around whenever need be. Its solid wood blend brings construction packs in a proper support and the rich cherry finish makes it an eye-candy.

3. Vanity bench

Wish to bring home simplicity and elegance? This Home Styles white dressing table stool  (Click Here for Best Price) is the one for you. It is a Naples Vanity bench that flaunts its solid hardwood and simple style. It comes with a footrest too when you are tired of keeping your foot on the ground. Feast your eyes at the multi-step white finishing that makes its flared legs more prominent. A cushioned seat to give you a great sitting experience, this is a graceful yet killer stool in disguise.

4. Vanity Stool

If you wish to avail of an out of the box contemporary design you can opt for this Enstyle Galano  (Click Here for Best Price) badass. With a look that is downright enthralling, it is hard to ignore if kept in a room. It stands proud as one of the best dressing stools owing to its unique structure. It milks its wrought iron magnificently to come up with a curvy style that hammers its adorable factor to perfection. A comfy ivory toned microsuede cushion makes things even better as you try to sit and get in the right mien.

5. Upholstered Stool

Petite is the first word that comes to your mind when you look at this vanity stool (Click Here for Best Price). Its round design and curvy legs impart it a phenomenal appearance. It has a silver pearl faux gator upholstered seat that makes for comfortable seating. Dons a shiny chrome finish throughout that makes it look very alluring. The stool comes winging straight from the fashionable world. You might have seen a similar design on TV. Believe me! It is as glamorous as it looks!

6. Chrome Vanity Bench

This vanity bench (Click Here for Best Price) is sheer amazeballs! If you wish to pack in some class to your mien this is the vanity stool to go for. It comes fully assembled, so no hassle there!

7. Cushioned Folding Stool

You can alternatively go for a this black folding stool (Click Here for Best Price) as well. If you have space issues at your home, this one will always come in handy since you can wrap it up whenever you want without any hassle.

Congratulations for making to the end of this blog post! It was another massive blog post but it showcases the top products on the market that I know all of you will really appreciate. For we all have different tastes when it comes to furniture. Don’t forget to check for any special discounts, promotions and for the cheapest price for all the products I’ve mentioned.

Let me know your thoughts below! Stella xx

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