Best Dry Shampoo For Cleaner & Fresher Hair On the Go

Dry shampoo walked in as a boon in my life, as it allowed me to skip those tedious chores I hated so much not to mention the wonders it worked on my hair.

Dry-ShampooGone are those days when I would spend hours wet shampooing my hair, waiting and styling it to look good. That would require me to wake up early in the morning just to get a head start, something that I simply abhorred. I love my naptime! It would become hard sometimes to rush things, and you don’t want to rush up when your hair are concerned.

What is Dry Shampoo?

For those who are still in the dark about the kinds of hair product we have walking at large today, let me break it to you, dry shampoos are the real deal. They come in both spray and powder form and sneak their way into getting rid of that excess oil from your head to give you a cleaner and fresher mane. Also, they tend to give your hair a volume boost. The water-free look that you have always wanted is only seconds away. Go dig right in:



If you have been following up the dry shampoo trail, you already know how big is the Batiste dry shampoo brand is. The top-selling dry shampoo is a beast when it comes to giving you a dry look makeover within seconds. It packs in a wide range of products under its aegis which is sometimes really daunting to pick. Each one packs in a unique fragrance and comes in a different shiny bottle to keep you interested 🙂 Batiste has earned it’s top spot as the best selling dry shampoo owing to its stunning range of products and now has its roots lanced deep into the shampooing era. It is the best dry shampoo for dark hair and works absolute best when you have darker ground to cover since it doesn’t leave any white residue behind (unlike other dry shampoos that promise to work for darker hues). Indeed, it is an excellent product but I personally feel it is a little ‘cheap’, hence I still find the second one on my list to be downright impeccable when it comes to giving my hair a natural shine, as for me, quality products applied on my hair is priceless.



Moroccanoil dry shampoo has every kind of hair covered. They have products to meet every hair requirement. No matter what color or type your hair is, Morocconoil has one for every kind. I use the dark tone variant for my darker tinge which works just perfect for me. Susan, a friend of mine, has light hair and she uses the light tone Moroccan variant. We both are ecstatic with our results. We often flaunt our hair and talk about how great the product is. She tells me she feels it is the best dry shampoo for fine hair. Whenever I feel my hair is reeking of dirt and oil, I apply it only to realize minutes later that I have found a new hair make-over with an aromatic essence that pervades my surroundings. It is a refreshing feel every time! If you want to avail of a soft and silky finish, trust me, this is the brand to go for. It is a UV protecting product that will ensure that sun wouldn’t bother you. It doesn’t cause frizzles when subjected to heavy breeze. Also, it balances the brassiness quotient to come out a victor as one of the best dry shampoos ever made to date. I recommend this to everyone I care about and anyone who cares about their hair.

Oscar Blandi


Another great magic worker in the dry shampooing department is the Oscar Blandi dry shampoo. It is a silent mammoth that is available in both spray and powder form to treat you hair from its greasiness on the go. It cleans the hair of filth and absorbs oil within minutes. It also works pretty great when it comes to giving your hair a volume boost. It is literally undetectable on your hair. Give your hair a gentle massage after spraying it on your dry roots after letting it dry. That should do it! Oscar Blandi is a great dry shampoo for red hair.



Suave is a natural dry shampoo that has enthralling benefits of hydrating aloe-leaf and jojoba oils, this ensures your hair gleams with organic ingredients to impart it a fresher appeal. Get a silky makeover that stays that way for days. If you have wavy curly hair that has you bothered when it meets an inkling of oil in it, this is the brand you want working its enchanting charm on your hair. It is outright perfect dry shampoo for curly hair. Its products pack in keratin that soaks in all the excess oil putting your hair in the right silky vibes.

2 Comments on Best Dry Shampoo For Cleaner & Fresher Hair On the Go

  1. Courtney
    May 3, 2016 at 5:21 pm (4 years ago)

    Used to be a batise girl, I’ve heard a few good things about the one you’ve got for #2 – Moil, going for that one now, Batise isn’t sitting well for me anymore.

  2. SamanthaK
    July 12, 2016 at 4:59 am (4 years ago)

    I’d have to agree also, I just bought #2 (got it on special through the link here too) So super excited to receive it and use it soon.


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