Beauty Secret: Silk & Satin Pillowcases for Beautiful Hair & Skin


#1 Beauty Secret For Beautiful Hair & Skin

For the past month, I’ve been waking up to my hair resembling a bird’s nest. I blamed my shampoo (and even started considering it may have been my dry shampoo) but then I had been using it for a year or so I knew it wasn’t that.

About 2 weeks ago now, I had another incredibly bad and embarrassing hair day, I mean really bad. I relayed the entire ‘bad hair situation’ to my friend and she had one rapid fire question for me;

”Stella, which pillowcases do you use?”

Normal pillowcases, of course. What is normal? Cotton? If you want beautiful hair and skin, just like me, you need to change pronto! Not just for your sleep, but for your face and hair aswell, it’s the #1 beauty secret of celebs and models and you need to start sleeping on them too!

Read On to Find the Products That Worked for Me!

Of course, all my life, I’ve used cotton pillowcases as everybody does, especially during summer and had never planned to go in to the theory of why I used them. Plus, doesn’t everyone use cotton pillowcases? Apparently not! If you want to look after your hair (and skin), silk or sateen are your new sleeping buddies.

Why Silk & Sateen Pillowcases?

♥ Dermatologists recommend as the best way to minimize facial wrinkles ♥

♥ Promotes skin & hair health (through natural hydration properties in material) ♥

♥ Retains hair moisture ♥  Natural material, no dyes ♥  Hypoallergenic ♥

♥ Reduces hair frizziness by reducing static electricity whilst sleeping ♥

♥ Breathable material ♥ Luxurious and soft ♥


My friend Penelope, especially advised me to go for silk and sateen pillowcases because they preserved the moisture of her hair and she never woke up with frizzy hair. Not only does she praise silk pillowcase for hair benefits, she told me she never found any sleep marks on her face either. In comparison, she was talking to me how, with a regular cotton pillow, she found cotton to grip and tug at her strands, which in a way caused increased breakage and damage to the hair. I was like – Yeh! True! Also, I didn’t realize it had such an effect on the growth of my eyebrows either.

My friend was literally obsessed with them, not just for a few nights here and there, every single night, it was ‘her’ pillowcase. And to be honest, I did start to notice her hair just seemed more conditioned and healthy. She just loved the fact she no longer had tangled, knotty or dry hair.

As soon as we had this tiny conversation, I was online and buying the brands of silk or sateen material pillowcases she recommended and I couldn’t wait!

Silk & Sateen Pillowcases

Product Why Love or Loathe? Why I Like It
Where to Buy?

100% Pure Silk Pillowcase

Best Selling & Good Value Read Here Available Here

100% Pure Silk Pillowcase

Highest Quality Read Here Available Here

100% Pure Silk Pillowcase

Most Affordable Read Here Available Here

Best Selling & Best Value


100% Pure Silk Pillowcase: This was the first one I tried and it literally blew my hair away the first night I tried it. I was in love with silk pillowcases and new this would be a life long love affair with them 🙂 The reason why I opted for this brand for my first purchase is because it’s the best selling brand, it’s affordable (I remember only paying around $27, currently reduced in price here) and because I like options, I didn’t feel restricted with this one, for there was 17 colors to choose from!

And sure enough, only one night of sleeping with the new silk pillow was enough to get me hooked to try another 2 brands in order to get the most out of my sleeping routine for both my hair and skin. Usually, with cotton pillowcases, I had to shove my hair away from the pillow, but with the silk one, my hair instead slid off itself and my mane felt soft to the touch. The hair combing became easier, as I had less knots and the hair brush de-tangled them easily.

To Purchase, Click Here for Best Price

Available in 17 colors which you can view all here, you are sure to find the color to suit your mood!

The Pricey One


Luxury Silk Pillowcase: In sheer joy, I picked up 2 more pillowcases, one from the silk origin and one from sateen (see below). I think I paid around $50 for mine (RRP is $65, but currently reduced in price here) for a pair of 100% Pure Mulberry Silk Luxury Pillowcases. This price can seem a little pricey, but then it was high-quality and considered ‘luxury silk’. I was simply sold by its gorgeousness. The guilty feeling of having paid a little more than my original purchase above, evaporated the instant I slept on it. They are quite a level above the first product I picked since they have the softest feeling ever and the workmanship truly oozes top-quality. Also, the pillow has a 900 thread count, which means it is extremely opulent, silky and soft in quality, plus you can get it in a spectrum of about nine colors too (view all colors here).

To Purchase, Click Here for Best Price

The Affordable Option


Sateen Pillowcase: So when I say this is the most affordable option, don’t think I am trying to indicate that it’s not worth it in comparison to the two above. Yes, I have to admit, after trying all three different brands myself, I have rated this one last because you can’t compromise on quality in regards to your sleep habits. However, please don’t get me wrong, for it’s price at only $10.99, this is still a decent purchase. The Milani Collection Striped Sateen Pillowcase Set, cost me $10.99 and they are crafted with a 1500 thread count, quite surprising keeping in mind the cheap price they came at. The hidden zippers ensure that nothing pricks my face and it stays on the bed firmly.

To Purchase, Click Here for Best Price

Overall, I’m hooked. I think I only have a few cotton pillowcases left in my house, as silk pillowcases have replaced all, if not all, most of my pillows. I can’t remember the time when I’ve used a cotton pillowcase now. I am happy that none of these cause any friction and my hair moves freely, something that I never even knew was possible.

All of them have proved to be worth every penny and I love the cool and comfortable sleep I now have. I have washed them quite a few times now but they all are going pretty strong. I would have to say that the more you spend, the better quality. I feel the luxury silk is holding up through the washes a little better than the standard silk pillowcase. However, if you do purchase, I would recommend you was them with a hand wash setting. As for you, you can buy something that is according to your personality but seriously, it would be a crime to your hair and face not to buy these. Above all, get a product that suits yourself and your budget.

What Sleeping on Silk & Satin Means

I must pinpoint that in the beginning, I was still a little doubtful about investing in silk and sateen pillows, because these two materials made me think that I will wake up in the morning with a sweaty face and equally sweaty/moist hair, because I couldn’t think of using any other fabric in summer other than cotton. Well, doing textiles at school, certainly came in handy as I realized that silk and satin pillowcases for hair is a material that provides natural heat regulating properties, which implies that it keeps your body temperature in balance. Silk and sateen fabrics keep you warm in a cold temperature and keep you cool in a warm temperature. This was rightfully justified because when I woke up the first morning, my skin felt cool and calm, I was not drenched in sweat everywhere.

Another discovery I made after a few nights, that was quite surprising I must say. I never sleep without performing my nightly skincare routine and I use an anti-aging cream in the end to moisturize my face. With cotton pillows, I have noticed that they used to absorb my cream and when I woke up, the area where my cheek used to lay, always felt sticky and day by day, I noticed a patch forming in my cotton pillowcases. With silk pillowcases, nothing of this sort happened, mainly because silk does not draw moisture like cotton does, and my skin felt much more hydrated allowing the creams that I applied to my face, actually do their job, to penetrate the skin during the night.

For me it was a new discovery and I’m glad I listened to my friend with rapt attention because she tends to provide some really good beauty tips, and this was surely one of them! She initially recommended these brands to me as she had used them herself. Now that I’ve used them, I am recommending them for you to try them too. Overall, I am glad I followed her advice and bought three different silk and sateen pillowcases to try out, it was worth every penny.

Now that I’ve shared my latest beauty secret with you, please comment below. I’d love to hear any new beauty secrets you have. Don’t forget to check out the products above for the best price I’ve found on each and please do, enjoy a beautiful nights sleep 🙂 

Let me know your thoughts below! Stella xx

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  1. Anna
    November 21, 2016 at 10:11 pm (4 years ago)

    Love this beauty secret, you always share awesome information! Gurl, you are so inspirational 🙂


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