All About Microblading

If you are coming across the term microblading for the first time, let me break it down for you. It is something you want above those eyes. Complete yourself by getting those eyebrows you have always secretly dreamed about having.


It is kind of depositing pigment through needles akin to getting a tattoo. As simple as that! Although the deal here is real. The outcome looks more real than any tattoo, powder or brow pencil could ever achieve.

It is a sort of eyebrow embroidery that is used to correct one’s eyebrows or fully create new ones mimicking the original.

You wish to know the good news?

It is painless too when done correctly.

Why Go for Microblading?

Nobody was born perfect. We have to primp and preen ourselves into looking good. It goes without saying. If you are not satisfied with the kind of eyebrows you retain, let microblading come to the rescue. The consequence here is a semi-permanent deal that is bound to garner second glances.

Don’t you just hate it when you pull out a bunch of strands accidentally trying to get those eyebrows done? A real nightmare, huh! I used to freak out whenever that happened. Well, ever since I decided to microblade myself, I can say – not anymore!

You can say goodbye to over-plucking issues. The pigmentation it drops on you makes it up for the loss, and the eventuality is just hard to make out. Come out of your comfort stagnant zone and go for the kill. Do something different! Do yourself a favour and sport a natural fringe!

Also, at times, eyebrow threading accidents happen. You end up taking out a chunk of hair accidentally and then you are left with a contorted face and poor choices to make up for overplucking. Microblading fills in those spaces with real hair like pigmentation. People would not be able to tell the difference.

Sometimes you just want to get out of the stagnant and pack in an arch like shape to try the different.

The Painless Process

It’s almost an year now since I had my first microblading experience. I didn’t find it painful at all. My friend Nancy, on the other hand, told me it bothered her a little bit since it was “the sensitive area” for her. For me, it was more of a light tattooing feel.

I actually sort of enjoyed those multiple pins digging in my head. Because I knew what I was going to look like. A model! That’s right! That turned my experience into something beautiful instead. Well it could also be because of the liquid anesthetic I was subjected to right after a numbing cream put my brows into its cross-hairs.

It was a little bit time consuming since it took me two long hours to get my perfect eyebrows. But all the way into the procedure I kept chatting with the pro and I didn’t notice how time passed by.  I was told how it would last for three years even if I didn’t opt for maintenance touch-ups. That was enthralling to find out per se!

Microblading entails the usage of a pen that has multiple pins that are thrice as thinner than the one used in tattooing. A topical numbing cream is used at the area that needs to be worked upon to ease down discomfiture. Right after that a liquid anesthetic is given that ensures the whole process goes painless.

No Downtime

The moment you get your eyebrows preened, you become selfie ready. That’s the beauty of it. I went loco on Instagram with my new look and got so many compliments. People were going gaga over me and I was loving every bit of it.

One piece of advice that I would like to slip in: Experts say you need to go for proper follow ups once the procedure comes to fruition. Do that! Do not skip that! No one cares about you more than you yourself. I had stopped paying attention to my brow for a while. So I went down the touchup lane only recently to find out it really helps. It’s like reviving and revamping your brows. They breathed alive once again. Go for regular a touch-ups to make sure you are in for the long run awesomeness.

Lowest Maintenance Required

You don’t have to spend hours with pencil and shadow trying to get the right touch-up. The permanent method is here, and it is here to stay. You can wash your face, get facials, wipe off that sweat from your forehead, bath vigorously without worrying about your eyebrows. Once you heal after the process, you can simply rub the care off and go diving in swimming pools.

The Verdict

I personally feel micro-blading is an exceptional game-changer. It came in at a point where I was always messing up my browhairs. Apart from the fact that it might require a touch-up every year to fling it into a realistic affair, there is literally no maintenance required in it. Also, you can get the kind of brows you have wanted without much hassle. You can get them thickened or thinned depending upon your personal preference. I recommend it to everyone I meet and care about.

Make sure your brows are on fleek and you stay the eye-candy of every party you visit. Godspeed!


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