About Me

Hi My Beautiful Friends,

I’m Stella, a blogger, a fashion enthusiast and more importantly a dreamer. I spend my hours writing, hunting down new trends, researching uncanny beauty products, doing a lot of shopping, (and I mean a lot of it!) and looking for beauty in the inanimate.

I seem to have picked up my fashion and all around beauty addiction, when I was quite young when I would experiment with my mother’s dresses.But it wasn’t just limited to playing dress ups, I took it a step further… I would always sit with a pair of scissors in the attic trying to primp out an unseen design or sprinkle it with a ravishing twist. I was immensely applauded for my dresses by my friends. I was one of the most popular girls in school. Alas! My mother didn’t share my enthusiasm. Why would she, it was her dresses I experimented upon after all.

What started out as a mere habit, has now turned into a scavenging fad. I am always on the hunt for the new and the stylish. Experiments haven’t stopped yet, that’s for sure. With the right path I hope to one day be able to base my whole life around my blog.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed for that.

As my sojourn takes up pace, I intend to help the world into making right choices when it comes to leading an top notch lifestyle, but not a luxurious lifestyle – the ultimate fashion and stunning beauty but also on a budget – I like to keep it real around here, I’ll show how you can achieve celebrity looks and fashion sense with an everyday household budget.

I have the knack for the awesome, why not help the ones that want more information or need a little help, sound someone like yourself?

Write to me if you have something awesome to share or wish to connect with me and get on this crazy bandwagon of self-exploration in beauty, fashion, lifestyle and fun.

Stay Blessed and

As Always,

Stay in Vogue!